Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Week 9 Space + Art

Space + Art 

As we come to the end of this quarter I think that Space is a very fitting ending topic to cover, as it ties together many of the topics that we have learned throughout the quarter. 
We have discussed the fundamentals and complexities of art and science which has created a solid foundation of what the arts are about. 

Space is a very interesting topic that has always interested me so I am really happy that this was the topic for our final week. 

To begin, take a look at our Solar System. It is so complex and hold many of the unknowns that we are trying to solve on Earth. Space is so enormous and complex it is often hard to fathom but it is because of this that we are all so interested and drawn to it. Many movies, books, and art pieces have been based on outer space and the unknowns about it. We have created stories and pictures of alien beings, black holes destroying planets, space journeys and much more. There is something so beautiful about space and to be it is its silents and stillness. 

The fascination with space revolves around the concept of no gravity, planets unexplored and galaxies unseen. Many artists have revolved their art work around these concepts for example: Carl Sagas and Jeff Talman have based their art work off constellations in space. Here is an article about these two artists projects
These artists are from different eras but have created similar works. 

Another thing to discuss about space is the technology that has gone into exploring space. We have created robots orbit through space, to walk on the moon, we have had man walk on the moon and driven robots on other inhabitable planets. Technology has allowed us to broaden our knowledge about what is out in space and what space will do for us in the future. These technological leaps have lead us to the new idea of colonizing mars and it wouldn't have been for the first people, during the mideval times,  to go against normal beliefs and try to learn what was outside our planet Earth. 
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