Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 8-Nanotech for Artists

Nanotech for Artists
There were 2 experimental developments that put nanotechnology on the map:
1. A form of Carbon unknown to man
2. We had never been able to see individual atoms in real space--image or manipulate them and this was due to two things:a) scanning and tunneling micro and b)the buckyball

These developments have allowed for nano-products to be created like...
-L'oréal is one of the leading brands using nano-particles within their products.

-Sunscreen has many nano-particle components within it in order to protect us from UV rays.  
-Even foods...
Courtesy of Noonday

The future of food some might say is using nano-particles to created exactly the food that you want. You can program the nano-particles to taste the way you want, to create edible wrappers, have chemical releasing properties so your taste certain flavors at certain times. It is pretty crazy what these nano-particles can do....and not only to food. 

Nano-particles take place in nature, and for example this particular butterfly, the Blue Morpho, has nano-particles at its center which is what causes it to have a blue reflective wings.
Courtesy of Pintrest
This butterfly is a beautiful example of nano-particles at work. 
Although there are many cool and great benefits to nanotechnology there are some dangers to be cautious of. For example, within the food manipulation it is good to be cautious with them because we do not know how our body processes these food, or even if they do at all and this can be very dangerous. Anytime you are putting chemicals and non-nature foods or items in your body people should be cautious

Although nano-particles are not necessarily good for humans in their food, make-up products, and clothing products they have helped tremendously in technological advances. It will be very interesting to see where nanotechnology will take us next. 

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  1. Hi Ryann, I really liked your post. I liked how you related it to real life products like hair shampoo, because it actually makes sense. I also like how you related it to sunscreen and even common foods like tomatoes. I was really intrigued in your post, you touched on a lot of key ideas. Really good job!