Monday, June 6, 2016

Event 3

Event 3

For my last event I want to the UCLA Senior Art Show at Broad Art Center. This was my favorite event that I got to attend because I enjoyed seeing the art that students at UCLA created themselves and I think that there is something very special about seeing the creations that my fellow classmates have made. There was such a wide variety of artwork and it got me thinking about the creativity that goes into each piece of work. All of the projects were different than the next but when all the artwork was together in the show room there was a sense of cohesiveness in the room, which I truly appreciate. All the hard work that goes into creating the senior projects is truly incredible.

My roommate is one of the artist that is featured within this show room and I had the honor to help her out with her project by modeling for her photographs and video. Through living with her and seeing this long process of creating her senior project I have such an appreciation for all of the artists. She is such a talented photographer and she has such a keen eye, and I love all of the work that she has done. Her final project featured sexuality and the elements of that within films and she did it in such a tastul way creating a film and two adverstiement posters for the shows ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Masters of Sex’. I really enjoyed seeing the final product of what her vision was and I was really happy to be a part of it.

A piece that I thought was very creative and caught my eye, because I am in fashion and design, was the clothing line that was created and put right in front when you walked into the art show. It instantly caught my eye and I thought it was a very interesting way of interpreting art and fashion. She creating dysfunctional sleeves on arts, a two-headed sweater, and I particularly loved the colors and patterns she chose. 

Along with the clothes she had hanging there was a video to go along with it of her modeling the clothes she had designed. Another project that I liked was simple but that is why I liked it. The artists put molds of her feet, hands and used her own hair and made it look like she was buried under the floor so the only thing that you could see were the feel, hands and red hair. It was a bit creepy but I think that is why it caught my attention. Things that are out the ordinary are very intriguing to me and I really appreciated that project. 

Other than the two projects that I mentioned above I was really moved by all the projects that reflected the artists personal life (heritage, race, gender, and beliefs). I think that there is something special about how people can express themselves through art and I think that this was shown within the gallery. 

In regards to how pieces within the gallery relate to material taught within the class I think that some art pieces that go hand in hand about with what we talked about in lecture was an architecture piece that you could see when you walked in to the left of the gallery. It was created using 3D printing and involved both mathematics and robotics to create, which ties in week two and week three. I really loved coming to this event and being a part of it, it was a really special event for me. 

Buried Alive. N.d. Senior Showcase, Broad Art Center, Los Angeles.

Clothing. N.d. Senior Showcase, Broad Art Center, Los Angeles.

Govan, Ari. Desperate Housewives. N.d. Senior Showcase, Broad Art Center, Los Angeles.

Govan, Ari. Master of Sexes. N.d. Senior Showcase, Brood Art Center, Los Angeles.

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