Wednesday, April 27, 2016

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LACMA Rain Room 

Connects technology with art—the science and machinery that had to go into making this amazing art piece is a very complex and tasking. The rain room is a black room that has soothing and consistent rainfall occurring throughout the room. The when you walking into the rain itself though it stops falling right where you are standing due to the 3D sensors that are put in place on the ceiling. This show at LACMA gives you a sense of the unrealistic aspects of nature...You get to control the rain with your body movements. The show gives you a sense of calmness and peace while giving you control and power over something mother nature usually dictates. 

This is an image I took of the 3D sensors on the ceiling at LACMA.
This article,, by the LA Times goes into more detail about the technology behind the sensors and the show itself. 

It is an incredible experience to be surrounded by rain and the visuals are something you wont forget. Since the room is black they use bright lights so you can see all the raindrops… it is as if you are almost in a dream. You cannot see anything in your periphery when you are in there it is just you, and what seems like a walk that will never end due to the black surroundings and the sounds, and visuals of the rain. This show is used for many different things for leisure, for photography, for self expression through dance, and much more and it is something so magical everyone should experience it. 

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Racked 

Courtesy of Sirens and Scoundrels

The rain room is an escape from the real world for 15 minutes and it is hard to wrap your head around what you are actually experiencing the whole time you are in there you feel like it is never going to end and I know I didn't want it to.

Below is a video from the LA Times about the  Rain Room at LACMA: 

Here is a photo of my self in the Rain Room along with my ticket

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  1. Hi Ryann!

    Great post! I've been wanting to visit the LACMA Rain Room myself, but haven't had the time. It sounds like you had a great time and the way you describe it makes it seem almost magical. The video you posted along with your blog gave me a great idea of what the exhibit looks like, but I'm sure I'll have to go visit to get the full effect of it.